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The book of lost things
Aneira's memoires
13th-July-2009 07:42 pm - ---{[I'M NOT DEAD]}---
Now that I have everyone's attention, it has been brought to my notice that I haven't given updates on progress at all for this chapter and feel horrible because I must inform you all how well, or rather, badly it's been going.

I know what I wish to portray, where I want this chapter to go. I have direction, just lack time, pretty much. I've managed an entire 10 pages in the last month and a bit. I've had only -one- free weekend, which I ended up spending playing Bejeweled wth my sister over msn. *Mutters to herself* The rest has been pretty full on with only a few hours stolen to get anything done at all.

Weekdays-Don't want to go there. Good news is, I've been talking with others on my team at work to figure out whether I should try-out parttime work instead. Then I'd maybe only work 20 hours max or so and have loads more time, since I sleep very little during the week to begin with.

I'm still catching up with the emails from everyone. So If I haven't replied, I'm getting around to it.

I'm so sorry guys! I know you're likely annoyed with the lack of updates but heres more good news, I'm off for 2 weeks in September and unless something goes horribly wrong, I've allocated all my leave to writing time! That's good, yes?

~Aneira out.

P.S, return of Alec ;)
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I know it's beenn so long when it's come to this story and for a time I had considered dropping it altogether since the themes and characterisation is all based on the novel I'm writing. Granted, the main character is female but thought, 'It's different enough to work still.' At least, that's what I hope. (I need to make a new icon for this too.)

And wow it's like ten to three in the morning! If you can't tell, I'm currently having issues sleeping :P

Anyway, here's chapter three of The book of lost things.

TrustCollapse )

The other chapters located here.
Title: Velvet Underworld
Artist: Aneira AKA me.
Rating: PG13 -some nakedness
Materials Used: sketch (scanned in,) watercolours, pastels, pencils and some jovis. (PS7 enhanced.)
Notes: My attempt at realism. (What a backfire!)

Velvet underworldCollapse )
Sorry for the delay! (Technical issues at the moment with the whole sending and receiving my chapters to Claira and she didn't get this one until sometime this morning...)

That aside, thanks muchly to you who've been patient with me and my lack of updates! And thanks to all of you who subtly prodded me back into action. Mtyla, this chapter wouldn't be finished without you, so many thanks!

Now, onwards to what you're all really wanting.

Chapter twenty: Dilemmas, part oneCollapse )

Next part?

Back chapters and notes
10th-May-2009 05:21 pm - ---{[Updates General]}---

I know it's been a while and some of your are probably wondering where the heck I've been for the past... I don't know, month or so. Well, truth be told for a while there I actually abandoned my computer. *Gasp*

Yes that’s right. I had abandoned my PC and my Lappy. I’d check my emails ever few days but aside from that I did nothing else. RL of course, that and I’ve been somewhat promoted where I work, which makes things rather hectic as I am far from the most organised of people that inhabit this planet and always finish late—but my work life aside, I got sucked back into writing my novel.

It’s been a pet project of mine for a while now, and I felt it was being neglected somewhat with my HP fandom writing, so I got out my old notes and started and got dragged back into that realm and now I’m currently trying to balance the two.
As some of you may have noticed, I’ve taken down the links to ‘The Book of Lost things’ I may put them back up later, but at this point that story is very much on hiatus. Mostly because a lot of storyline I used in it is based off my novel. (Excluding the fact the protagonist is actually a girl.)

Now, on to what you really want to hear new on; Crossroads.

Thank-you everyone who has been prodding me to write. Honestly. I fell off the wagon so many times while working on the chapter, for the above reasons and have now a 27 page chapter. (Pitiful, I know.) I’m playing around with the idea of lengthening it—and will await Claira’s opinion of that. Personally, it would be fine posted now but I’m in split minds about it as I had wanted to get some other things done but haven’t been able to just yet... I’ll see what she says.

Just to let you guys know, if at anytime when I’m meant to be writing a chapter and you don’t hear from me, feel free to PM me or leave a message on my last chapter. I don’t mind and actually work slightly better under pressure. (Or with people breathing down my neck :P)

So, depending on what Claira’s feedback is, the next chapter may be posted next week. And forgive me for my slowness and lack of updates on how my progress is going!

Crossroads track
And so continues the chapter...

Chapter nineteen: Confessions, part twoCollapse )

Back to part one?

The other chapters and notes can be found here
Crossroads-ID pic
Ack, I ending up having to chop it -.-;
The chapter just kept freaking growing like a weed and I was never satisfied with the second part, which is why I've left that part as another chapter...
Lets hope this all fits as two posts... Oh and Unbeta'd I think that goes without saying, really. Since Claira's on Holiday.

So Please if you see any errors, spelling/grammatical what have you, tell me so I can correct them ASAP. It drives me insane to re-read a post and find errors everytime I read it...

Chapter nineteen: ConfessionsCollapse )

The other chapters and notes can be found here
Sorry guys ^-^;

I know I was meant to have completed it by this weekend but it ended up growing... (as is usual, really.) So I can't post it. Sorry again.

Actually, I probably could post it... but then you guys would kill me for what would likely be a staggering cliffie, so I shall wait until I have completed the end part. So far it's currently 41 pages... So I'm hoping to wrap this one up soon. I really don't want it going over 60 and if it does then I will have to chop the chapter in half and make two. *sighs*
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